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These general terms and conditions apply to every offer from Fleurs Depot, based in Rotterdam and Breda, and to all agreements concluded between Fleurs Depot and its customers.



Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all product prices mentioned by us are in euros. The prices fall within the margin scheme or include VAT. These prices exclude any delivery costs. Before we conclude an agreement with you, the total price will be specified, including all costs, such as any delivery/transport costs.

All our prices are subject to price changes and typographical errors. We can change our prices at any time but of course, not for agreements that have already been concluded. In the case of a typographical error, we are not obliged to deliver at the incorrect price but will inform you of the correct price, and you can cancel the agreement if you do not agree with the correct price.

In exceptional cases, two orders on our website may overlap, and multiple people may order the same product simultaneously. The first buyer then has the first right to this product. The other order(s) for the same product will be canceled. We are not liable for compensation or damages in this case. The same applies if a product is unintentionally offered by us but turns out to be unavailable.



Custom-made furniture is made as described in the quotation. Therefore, check the quotation carefully and communicate any changes to us before you agree to the quotation. Once you have agreed to the quotation, the order cannot be changed.

The order for custom-made furniture will be initiated upon receipt of the down payment of half the total amount. After you agree to the quotation, we will send the invoice and a payment request via a separate email. See article V “PAYMENTS” for further payment conditions.

Custom-made furniture is handmade, hand-painted, or powder-coated. The artisanal look is precisely the charm of this furniture. Any minor imperfections or signs of use are characteristic of the material and the artisanal processing of the wood or iron. Various custom-made furniture pieces are always on display in our store so you can get a good impression of the possible end result.



Products in stock can be picked up at our stores. Our website provides the address and opening hours (note, we are not open every day!).

We are not responsible for any damages to the products arising from transport or shipping you have organized yourself.

If you want the products delivered, that is also possible. We have the furniture delivered via a professional furniture transporter. The transport costs are your responsibility and depend on the size of the product and the distance. Transport costs are available upon request. You can contact us for this.

Delivery via a furniture transporter is on working days and on the ground floor (i.e., no stairs or other obstacles) and with normal wide passage. The products must be able to be brought into the building normally. Therefore, always check the dimensions of the products and the passage in the building beforehand! The building must be accessible by truck. The transporter comes alone, so help must be available for heavy furniture.

Delivery to a floor is only possible if there is an elevator in the building that fits the products.

If the products cannot be delivered according to the above, the transporter can take the products back. We are then entitled to charge you the additional costs incurred and reserve the right to still require you to fulfill the agreement and take delivery of the products.

Assembly is not part of the transporter's tasks. Assembly is usually quite easy to do yourself. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

After the product has been picked up by the furniture transporter, they will plan the routes. The furniture transporter will contact you directly by phone in advance to coordinate the delivery day with you.

We recommend viewing the product in our stores beforehand. Let us know you are coming, and we will ensure the product is ready for you!

Once the agreement has been concluded, there is an obligation to take delivery. You must accept the products as agreed. Any additional costs we incur because we cannot deliver the products according to the delivery terms can be charged to you. The provisions in article VI take precedence over the previous three sentences in this article.

If it is not possible to deliver the ordered items to you within 3 weeks or for you to pick up the items at our store within 3 weeks, we may charge storage costs.

Items that are not fragile and meet the maximum size of 50x50x100 cm and the maximum weight of 10 kg (including packaging) can be shipped via PostNL. The shipping costs of such a package are €6.95 and are also your responsibility. For larger or heavier packages, shipping costs are available upon request.

Not all products can be shipped by parcel post. If the product is too large or too fragile for parcel post, it can be picked up or shipped via the furniture transporter.

The PostNL shipping costs apply to deliveries within the Netherlands and are subject to price changes. The shipping costs for mail to other countries are available upon request.

Finally, it is also possible to borrow our van (VW Transporter). Inquire about the rates, which are distance and time-dependent.



Products in stock can be picked up at our stores. Our website provides the address and opening hours (note, we are not open every day!).

The furniture transporter coordinates the delivery time with you by phone once the product has been picked up from us.

The delivery times we communicate for custom-made items refer to the time from receipt of the down payment (and thus confirmation of the order) until the product is delivered to us. This does not include the time you or the furniture transporter need to deliver the product to you.

The applicable delivery term is only intended as an indication. A single exceedance of the delivery time does not automatically entitle you to dissolve the agreement or compensation. This requires a notice of default. If we do not deliver within the legal or agreed delivery term, you must send us a written notice of default specifying a reasonable period within which we must still deliver. When determining a reasonable period for the notice of default, you must consider unforeseen circumstances such as illness or other setbacks. Also, delivery times may be extended around holidays and the summer vacation due to days off and seasonal peaks. This reasonable period must be assessed by an independent body. If delivery still does not occur after this reasonable period has expired, you are entitled to dissolve the agreement for that part of the order not delivered and to claim a refund or cancellation of the agreed price for the relevant products.



We apply the payment conditions as included in these general terms and conditions unless explicitly agreed otherwise (in the quotation or when ordering online). In that case, the agreement takes precedence over the following payment conditions.

Online payments or payments via marketplace or email can be made via an iDeal payment link. This is the fastest way to pay. Payment by bank transfer is also possible; always mention the invoice number. The delivery time for orders paid in advance by transfer is longer because these payments take longer to reach us than iDeal payments. In our stores, you can pay in cash or by pin.

When placing an order for products, we require a down payment of half the total amount. The down payment invoice also serves as confirmation of your order. The remainder must be paid no later than when viewing, at the latest when picking up or delivering the product.

For products delivered via a furniture transporter or PostNL, we ask for full prepayment within the legal frameworks.

If we are still owed a payment from you, everything must be settled before the products are handed over to you or left with you. If you still owe us a payment when the transporter delivers the products to you, you must pay this amount immediately via an iDeal payment link.

As long as the product has not been fully paid for, it remains our property. If you do not fulfill your payment obligations, you must allow us to take back the product. All associated costs are then your responsibility.

Payments must be made in the explicitly specified manner within the period indicated by us or on the invoice. If you fail to pay on time, we are entitled to postpone further execution of the agreement and charge you statutory interest. If payment is not made despite a reminder, we are entitled to hand over the claim to a collection agency and take legal action if necessary. The costs thereof are your responsibility.

We are entitled to send invoices by email.



As a consumer who orders a product online, you have the right to dissolve the agreement without giving reasons within 14 days after receiving the products by or on behalf of you. However, this cooling-off period does not apply if the products are made according to your specifications (custom-made). There is also no cooling-off period if you act in the exercise of a profession or business, if you place an order with us by phone or email, or if you conclude an agreement with us in our store.

You can use your cooling-off period by informing us by email. As soon as we have been informed of your intention to dissolve the agreement and if the conditions mentioned here are met, we will confirm the dissolution of the agreement by email as soon as possible. You must then return the product to us within fourteen days after submitting the request for dissolution. The costs of the return delivery are your responsibility.

During the cooling-off period, you must handle the products to be returned and their packaging with care. You may only handle and inspect the products to the extent necessary to determine their nature and characteristics. The principle is that you may only handle and inspect the products as you would be allowed to do in a physical store.

If you use your right of withdrawal, you must return the products undamaged, with all delivered accessories, and in their original condition and packaging. If a transporter is engaged for the return, the transporter will pick up the products on the ground floor. You must have the products ready


 for collection at the front door. If you use the return option via PostNL, you must pay the shipping costs yourself, and the risks of damage or loss during shipping are yours.

The legal right of withdrawal obliges us to refund the amount you have paid (purchase price plus any delivery costs) minus any depreciation within 14 days after dissolution and return receipt of the products in their original condition and packaging. This depreciation may arise if you have used the product in a way that goes beyond what is necessary to determine its nature and characteristics. If the product is damaged, we may refuse to refund. This is determined on a case-by-case basis.



We guarantee that the delivered products comply with the agreement. This means that the products meet the specifications stated in the offer, the reasonable requirements of reliability and usability, and the legal provisions existing on the date of the conclusion of the agreement. If this is not the case, please contact us within 14 days.

We offer no warranty on used and vintage furniture. These products may show traces of use, and minor imperfections are characteristic of this. This does not entitle you to a complaint about non-conformity.

The same applies to products made of natural materials. The natural workings of wood or the oxidation of iron are normal. Slight dimensional deviations or minor irregularities are part of the nature of the material and the traditional craftsmanship. We do not accept any liability for these.

In case of a justified claim for non-conformity, you have the right to repair or replacement. If this is impossible, we can offer a price reduction or refund the full amount. We are not liable for any consequential damage, including but not limited to any trading loss or any other form of indirect damage.

Our liability is limited to the invoice amount of the agreement to which the damage relates.



Complaints should be reported to us as soon as possible, fully and clearly described, by email. We will respond substantively to the complaint within 14 days after receipt of the complaint.



All intellectual property rights regarding designs, images, and texts are reserved to Fleurs Depot.

Our product photos are made with the utmost care and represent the actual product as accurately as possible. However, there can always be color deviations between the photos on the website and the actual product. Therefore, we are not liable for any color deviations.



We use your personal data to handle your orders properly. We do not provide personal data to third parties that are not involved in the execution of your order.



Only Dutch law applies to every agreement between us and our customers. In the event of any disputes, the court in our jurisdiction has exclusive competence, unless mandatory statutory provisions stipulate otherwise.

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